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General information about the AirportShuttle-Minibusz service

The AirportShuttle-Minibusz airport transfer service was established in 1992 by the Budapest Ferihegyi Airport. The primary goal was to offer an alternative to the taxi service for the arriving passengers to Budapest.

Identically to the "airport shuttle" fairly popular service throughout many cities of Europe, the shuttle vehicles provide door to door airport transfer between a given airport and fix points of the city - be them hotels or private addresses. Further improving the concept of airport transfer, the very first in Europe was the AirportShuttle-Minibusz service, which escorts its' passengers between Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (previously known as Ferihegy Airport) and any point of Budapest, that's why it's entitled door to door transfer.

Conference and event handling

Escorting the attendees of conferences, sport events and cultural outings from the airport to the scene (and back) of the happening takes a great deal of supervision and focused organisation. AirportShuttle-Minibusz has all the necessary equipment to execute these transfers, and frankly speaking, without a background of this kind such a task would be problematic and at the same time would definately raise the surfacing costs.

With the proven tools and methods AirportShuttle-Minibusz has been able to execute all and any kinds of the transfer requests in the past 20 years with ease and easy on the budget. A further proof of the concept is the high level of experience the employees have gathered throughout the past years.

For detailed information about our event handling solutions click here!

AirportShuttle-Minibusz Passenger Statistics

AirportShuttle-Minibusz escorts thousands of passengers within Budapest every day, which requires the joint and flawless coordination of 70 – 80 Minibuses. Depending on the passenger-count, we provide our Door to door transfer service for groups consisting of 8 – 10 and 30 – 50 people. All our Minibuses are equipped with ABS, ESP protection system, dual air- conditioning and tri-point safety belts.

The system and concept of passenger service

The AirportShuttle-Minibusz service can be ordered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

First when you make a reservation thru the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Call Center, our colleague registers Your booking to our database. The day before that one, the Coordinator Dispatcher elaborates the Minibus drivers' work schedule, who are to arrive to the garage at the time given in the schedule. The Garage Keeper assigns a shuttle to the Driver based on the schedule made by the Coordinator Dispatcher. Said vehicle is regularly maintained by the Technical Team and is also cleaned on a daily basis. The Driver collects the passengers who are to travel to the same direction from the Terminal on order of the Dispatcher. The duty of the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Dispatcher is to send the Minibus Driver to all the addresses that belong to the same territory/region, keeping in mind not to have a single passenger travelling for too long onboard.

AirportShuttle-Minibus Desk

The passengers arriving to Ferihegyi International Airport are greeted by the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Desk Service at the "Gates of the Country".

The colleagues working at AirportShuttle-Minibusz Desks are all speaking at least one foreign language at an advanced level, have top communication skills and fast, effective passenger-serving skills.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz Desk at terminal 2A

For the better recognition, they all wear the AirportShuttle-Minibusz themed uniform and appropiate clothing. Since not all passengers arrive armed with every necessary information, our colleagues are more than happy to inform the guests about the questions related to the Minibus service, the accepted payment methods - which are credit card, Hungrian Forint and Euro (in case the guest pays with Euro, the change is given in HUF), and of course it is their duty to inform the passengers about the estimated waiting time. The passengers will be called by their address by the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Driver, and will be guided to the appropiate Minibus, which has previously been selected for him/her by the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Dispatcher.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz Dispatcher Centre

The AirportShuttle-Minibusz Dispatcher groups the passengers who are travelling in the same direction to one shuttle, the transfer route sheet is then printed out by the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Desk Assistance, and is given to the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Driver, who then collects the associated passengers.

Two Dispatchers always associated with elaborating the tasks of the actual day, a third one occupied with the administration of the following day - he is called the Coordinator Dispatcher. The Dispatchers are using information worth of 2 monitor screens each: on one screen they are monitoring the fleet movement in real-time via GPS, on the other they are administrating the the actual routes. One of them is organizing the passengers who are coming from the city to the Airport, the other one is associating the passengers at the airport terminal with the available buses. Meanwhile they are co-operating with each other and with the AirportShuttle-Minibusz Desk via telephone, (and if it's necessary) they communicate with the drivers and at the same time they respond to the questions coming in from the Call Center. The finished "routes" are then dispatched to appropiate shuttle's onboard computer via our reservation administration system, which is then pending the confirmation of the driver. The Coordinator Dispatcher has the task of administrating the need of vehicles on duty for the following day, to make the work schedule and associate the pick-up time for the incoming reservations.

Minibus Drivers

The Drivers have excellent local logistic knowledges and experience, and are able to deal with the rush hours with the greatest of ease, and as it is a shared-ride service, he is to safely escort all of the passengers to their addresses. Meanwhile the Dispatcher is planning the route for the way back, so the Driver knows who and where will he have to pick on his way back to the Airport. On a regular day this means 10-12 work hours and 250-350 km driven.

Technical background

Without the corresponding technical experience this would not operate for long, thus it is no wonder that the highest available technical infrastructure is needed to accomplish such tasks, which serves only to make the journey for the passenger even more comfortable: redundant servers, tons of TeraBytes of capacity, 100 Mbit/s optical direct internet connection, VOIP phone system, which not only connects the office and the workplace but serves as a communication platform for the buses as well. The onboard vehicle computer and GPS reciever is to provide the real-time fleet monitoring feature, and flawless voice / text communication. The reservation and route administration, accounting and structuring is done via in-house built software, which is an inseparable instrument in the workflow of AirportShuttle-Minibusz.

Online Reservation System

Our Online Reservation System - - is a comfortable way to reserve your shuttle transfer in advance. The reservation is given feedback in form of an electronic confirmation letter (E-mail). The transfers are punctual, predictable and are at a fix price. In advance bookers have a separate queue (E-Ticket Lane) at the AirportShuttle-Desks at Ferihegy Airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B).

Call Center

The Call Center (+36-1) 296-8555 recieves more than 3000 calls a day. All of the colleagues have to speak at least one foreign language at and advanced level. Almost like half of the incoming calls are from guests who do not speak hungarian at all, but we always manage to get on common ground - which is usually the english language. But on the other hand it is of pure joy for a russian speaker to make his/her reservation in russian. All the incoming calls are forwarded to the phones simultaneously, the faster operative is the one who actually answers to it. When all of the lines are busy, then the call is placed on a queue. When one of the workstations have finished an ongoing call, the the first call waiting on the queue is automatically forwarded to the now free workstation. If the outgoing phone number is enabled to be displayed on the caller's phone, then the call center operative will be able to see all the details of the previous reservation made via that phone.

All in all, if You have made a reservation at least one time from your phone, then we only have to discuss the date and time, the address and associated name will already be displayed on the monitor. The Call Center is handling the e-mails as well. There is a dedicated e-mail operative in every group, who is also responsible for receiving the Skype calls. All of the incoming calls are recorded and then stored in and encrypted form. The archive is only accessible for 3 of AirportShuttle-Minibusz's 170 employees, and only in the event of a complaint. There is a dedicated hotline for the Budapest Hotels, where the booking is done in a much faster way: we already know the address, so we only need a name and a room number, among the date and time. Thanks to this speedy proces, the hotel reservation conversations usually end within 30 seconds.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz Partnership

The AirportShuttle-Minibusz maintains a contract partnership with hostels, apartmans, and hotels of Budapest, escorting the guest with the industry standard Door to door transfer method.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz has exclusive partnership with turistical associations, and is an Associate Member of the U.I.C.H – LES CLEFS D'OR International Association.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz Kosice Shuttle

AirportShuttle-Minibusz is doing its' best to further improve its' service with constant innovations, and improve the overall passengers comfort and satisfaction. Thru the Online Reservation System it is now possible to book shuttle transfer to and from the Capital city, the Countryside and three destination in abroad - making the Budapest Airport Transfer AirportShuttle-Minibusz more accessible than ever.

AirportShuttle-Minibusz prices - Budapest

AirportShuttle-Minibusz divides the territory of Budapest into three parts: Airport Area, Hotels & City Centre and City Area.

The exact boundaries can be seen by clicking here!

Below you can see the corresponding transfer fees for each Area, which are valid for the tickets purchased (with credit card / cash) at our Desks at the Airport.

For your destination the transfer fee - which is valid for an online-made reservation - can easily be calculated using the form at the top of the website: fill in the street or the hotel's name along with the total number of passengers and press calculate!